Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Medical Spa

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The OPTIMAL detox foot day spa is the most recent in ionic detox foot bath innovation, expert grade quality  & the most powerful/safest makers on the marketplace. Detox your body totally in simply 20 minutes a day.

  • Easy To Utilize
  • Detox Heavy Metals From Your Organs
  • Clear Your Skin Skin Tone
  • Feel More Energetic
  • Enhance Your Sleep
  • Get Rid Of Dangerous Toxins From Your Body

“I have actually been utilizing the footbath because 2000, and some outcomes have actually been increased energy. My skin is really clear and the whites of my eyes are white. I’m really healthy. Individuals see something various about me and desire whatever it is. My joints no longer feel stiff, and I simply feel an all over renewal.” – Alissa

Our exceptional quality building, thorough protective system, water module with sophisticated functions, technically advanced in elements, internal phases of policy, output, and usage of double insulation boosts conductivity sets us apart from other footbath items.


The hazardous favorable ion (kation) is a particle that loses an electron. The healthy unfavorable ion (anion) gets an electron in the valency orbit; that is it increases the capability to take in and make use of oxygen and minimizes any excess of hazardous serotonin.


We, OPTIMUM, have actually developed both efficiency and security into our most recent generation of makers.


Adjustable existing control is vital & needed due to a range of external variables.


OPTIMAL systems’ produce IONS at a greater VOLTAGE – Other makers produce ions around 300-400 milliV (or 0.400 volts), really low voltage. OPTIMAL runs 35 times greater than this. Depending upon the amps being ran throughout a session, as an example 1.6 amps (just 1/2 the complete power of our maker).


We have actually had independent laboratories test our bath water versus other footbaths makers and we far out produce the variety of ions in the water. This is because of numerous factors: we run more existing through our water module, greater power, and a much faster cubic per meter rate (significance that our maker processes the water at a much faster rate).