10-in-1 Multi-function Hammer

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Altering tools while repairing or crafting is tiring and you’ll need to bring great deals of tools with you such as wrench, hammer, pliers, screw motorists and etc. Well, if you are dealing with the above issues, this is the service for you! Presenting the 10-in-1 Multi-function Hammer,  a Korean developed flexible hammer which you can actually bring simply one tool and repair whatever! It’s simple to bring and run.

Likewise, the 10-in-1 Multi-function Hammer conserves yourselves from hammering your own thumb. You can grip nails quickly while hammering it, and there disappears nail bend after this! It is even much safer while you hammer on tough surface areas such as metal sheets, round pipelines and etc. 

Lets check out the functions of this hammer:

  1. Easy penetration, load a nail into the hammer and just merely strike completion of the hammer, the nail can quickly permeate steel pipelines, iron pipelines, iron, cement walls, cement flooring and so on. The nails will not warped, bend or brake.
  2. For sure, this can be usage as a hammer, works precisely like a regular hammer.
  3. This tool includes a  ” Slotted  and Phillips ‘ screwdriver.
  4. Can be utilized as a pliers.
  5. Trouble loosen up the pipeline? Do not stress, this tool can be utilized as a wrench too!
  6. The flat end at the wrench can be utilized for pinching.
  7. Like a regular hammer, it can be utilize to get rid of damaged nails
  8. Functions fine as a wiry clamp.
  9. Take out nails quickly.
  10. Cutting wire and nails.

 Plan Consists of: 1 x 10-in-1 Multi-function Hammer